A Blog is Born

A Blog is Born

One of the many jobs arising from being a Director of an adhesive manufacturing company like Structural Adhesives Ltd, is to be able to translate and communicate the business effectively. I have been given, what can only be described as the loathsome task of doing this via the land of technology, but which bit, eh? ‘Obviously she picked a Blog’, I hear you all say, however not without engaging in what can only be described as a sit-down pros and cons shortlist which I have always retained for projects of a serious nature. However ‘Social Media Platforms’ are serious business and I have actively sought advice about them from my teenage daughters, who are highly knowledgeable in its usage, functionality and very clear to highlight the importance of ones profile photo? Here we go…

Facebook (it used to be a no-go for those of us who have well and truly left their formative years. However it has become the first port of call for many a person who can remember the terms ‘floppy disk’, and other vintage technologies, and ‘its so you mum!’, I hear my daughter yell (thanks for that) then there’s linkedin the home of the ‘angry’ profile picture, twitter (a never-ending beep of tweets haunts my day from start to finish), snapchat (I am literally a ‘Grandma’ in comparison to its average user age), pinterest (artsy fartsy) tumblr, and a whole assortment of social media tools which seem to enjoy irritating me by leaving the letter ‘e’ off their title.

So here we are, at the Blog, the choice of millions and me.? I think this is supposed to be the point where I talk about the business but as this is my maiden voyage with my blog, (hopefully I won’t end up like the Titanic), I will leave you with an interesting fact about adhesives……..

You can make your own glue and you can eat it!? (personally I am not endorsing this, although it would add to your 5 a day!) vegetable glue is a simple recipe: starch and water, (flour or cornflour will do) et voila!

Now, for lessons in how to formulate, manufacture and supply adhesives, that’s an altogether different story and something that I will try and get to grips with (sorry, I really couldn’t resist!) over the life of this blog….adieu for now