Laboratory Services

Here at Structural Adhesives Ltd we recognise the need for appropriate data when working with our adhesives. We can offer both practical and theoretical knowledge of adhesive technology. Structural Adhesives Ltd has 30+ years of experience in areas such Epoxy Adhesives, Reactive Acrylics and with MS Polymer adhesive technology not only as chemists and managers, but also in solving field application problems. Our experts are on hand to provide you with the technical support which will enable you to select the correct adhesive for the right application. Whether using our Testing Services or Research and Development Services.

Testing Services

In some circumstances you will require more in-depth information and possibly testing. Our laboratory provides indicative testing for a variety of bonding situations. Testing can provide assurance of long term reliability and durability along with supporting the most suitable choice of product for your particular application. Structural Adhesives Ltd provides complete solutions, swift results and reliable continuity of service for all your needs.

Research and Development

The adhesive industry continues to look for new methodologies and progressive technology to support varying industries. Structural Adhesives Ltd are acknowledged as pioneers in the development of innovative adhesives. Research and development is pivotal in the development of stronger, reliable, weather resistant, environmentally friendly and cost effective adhesives. Our laboratories provide excellent research and development facilities as well as the know how, giving you the confidence and reassurance that we can meet your requirements.