About us

Hello. Welcome to Structural Adhesives Ltd. So lets tell you about us.

We were set up by our famous five over 30 years ago. This group of five consisted of talented chemists, scientists, developers and one very clever businessman. With their thirst for innovation and adeptness at problem solving in the field of adhesive technology, Structural Adhesives Ltd was born.

Our famous five have long gone onto adventures new and the business has grown along with its reputation, as a fast and forward thinking adhesive manufacturing company.

We know adhesives. We design adhesives. We manufacture adhesives. No problem is too difficult or too tricky. Our range of adhesives, paints, mortars and grouts are being used in a wealth of industries including aerospace, building/construction, civil engineering as well as by architects, designers and specifiers all over the world.

Why choose us? We can formulate, manufacture and supply your adhesives. Without middlemen. That’s a bonus as that means we are ready to answer your questions, queries and more importantly we are able to help solve them, quickly.

What’s in the range? As well as the usual two part epoxies, acrylics, ms polymers we also make polysiloxanes; but talk to us as our portfolio of products numbers in over a thousand. A solution for most problems. And if we don’t have one our technical team will formulate one.

Need Our Lab Services? Our Lab is here to work with you and provides formulation, product verification and indicative tests for your peace of mind. Right from start to finish we are here to help you.

Find what you want and order it knowing you have an aftercare service that others cant match.

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already know that.

Structural Adhesives Ltd

…the home of the adhesive experts…