Lab expansion pending

Things have been changing over the last few years at Structural Adhesives Ltd. The emphasis of the business has shifted and we’re focussing more and more on sustainability and providing solutions for the future. Such solutions can only be produced by innovation and development and there are numerous tools that we as chemists use to convert an innovative idea into a tried and tested product. For us these ‘tools’ are primarily in the form of pieces of equipment for testing the properties and performance of development products.

Last month I was asked by our MD to create a Wishlist of lab equipment. She must have seen my eyes light up, it was like Christmas had come early. I immediately set to scouring the internet for pieces of kit to play with in the manner of a child circling toys in the Argos catalogue. Of course, not everything on my initial list was viable- but this was part of the point of the task. By closely evaluating the list we have identified a number of key pieces of equipment that could make a massive difference to the company and greatly increase our development output.

Our lab is expanding in both area and capability and we hope, in the not-so-distant future, personnel too.  This will enable us to provide better solutions faster for our customers. It will also broaden the type of development services we can provide and enable us to establish more collaborative projects which is becoming a huge focus for us.

The architect is due onsite shortly to assess the space for the new lab and then things can really get underway. Keep tuned for further updates on this exciting new venture for Structural Adhesives Ltd.