our lab finished

Looking forward to a fantastic future

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Structural Adhesives Limited have finally finished their new Research Lab which will be offering services as of 28/11/2022. here is a list of services that we will be offering.

Testing services for adhesives and other polymeric materials

Shear StrengthBS ISO 4587:2003Typical bond strength tests for adhesives.
Shear strength at elevated temperatureASTM D1002-10:2019Same as the above but can test the adhesives suitability for different service conditions.
Youngs ModulusBS EN ISO 527-2:2012Essentially a measure of how stiff a material is.
Poisson Ratiomeasures the deformation of a material parallel and perpendicular to the force.
Flexural StressBS EN ISO 178:2018Test of the ability of a material to bend before it fails.
Flexural Strain
Flexural Modulus
Peel strength (T-peel)BS EN ISO 11339:2010 Test of the forced required to peel (an adhesive) off.
Peel strength (180°)BS EN ISO 8510-2:2010 Same as the above but the substrate is pulled at a different angle.
Pull off/pull out test for construction (using hydrajaws)BS EN 1015-12:2016 Another method of testing strength usually used in the construction industry.