Being able to ask what is needed for future markets begets the need for innovation, which is not just about problem solving, but about simplifying them, creating new paths and along the route finding something new.  Structural Adhesives Ltd has done just that, spending over two years researching, investigating and developing one particular product, our A2 Fire Rated Epoxy Adhesive, S-2825FRE.  This revolutionary product was initially borne out of the idea to produce an epoxy that impacted less on the environment, a so-called ‘cleaner’ adhesive. 

The sea change in worldwide attitudes towards how we as individuals’ impact on the environment has never been more relevant.  Manufacturing and in particular, the Chemicals Industries, have their part to play. With this in mind the research and development team were tasked with finding a resolve. Research started in 2017 and during the Summer that year, the entire Construction Industry had to embrace new guidelines on the use of non-combustible materials.

The UK requirement for a less carbon heavy adhesive was propelled following the Government ban in 2018 on the use of combustible materials and the need for A1 or A2-s1,d0 rated products on external walls above 18m.  Generic adhesives inherently contain large amounts of carbon which is combustible but is fundamental as it is an element heavily involved in the bonding mechanism.  Companies in construction are looking for alternative adhesives but there is currently little available.  Structural Adhesives Ltd have developed S-2825FRE to provide a product that fills the gap in the market, thus giving developers alternatives to mechanical fixings and the more combustible adhesives.  S-2825FRE is an innovative construction product which demonstrates durability, limited combustibility, high bond strength and furthermore contains significantly less raw materials from non-sustainable resources compared with general construction adhesives. S-2825FRE is classified as A2-s1,d0 according to BS EN 13501-1 and has passed independent freeze/thaw, heat/rain and  bond strength tests.  Structural Adhesives Ltd are aiming to be the first to launch a commercially available A2 adhesive for use above 18m in the UK.  When we began to look at the need to develop a cleaner adhesive, one that contained less epoxy (less oil derived materials), we never envisaged that we would also be balancing the impact on the environment along with functionality, safety and fire regulatory compliance.  We believe S-2825FRE is now more relevant than ever.

Angela Orton