Park Hill Sheffield S2 5PN

Principal Contractor: Urban Splash
Specifier: Hawkins Brown Architects
Scope: Regeneration of large housing estate. Park Hill is a grade II listed building and is the largest listed building in Europe covering over 17 acres. Renovations estimated at £146m+
Adhesive requirements: To enable the tiling of the walkway areas in front of the dwellings, which are exposed to the elements. Structural Adhesives Ltd were asked to design an adhesive which would provide a bond between Dural CS anticrack matting and Radmat Esha bitumen based membrane. The Radmat material is used to tank the flooring with the CS matting providing flexibility to the system thus eliminating cracks to the tiled areas.
S-2746E was specially designed to bond to the bitumen material present in the tank lining and also the polypropylene material in the anti crack matting. The adhesive needed to not only bond both dissimilar materials but also give a strong bond whilst remaining flexible. To achieve this an epoxy/MS Polymer hybrid material was developed by our technical department and approved by the architect. The product also needed to be low viscosity with a long open time so that the operatives could roller apply it over large areas.
Project completion: Ongoing as of 17/09/2014

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