Stadium: MK (Denbigh Stadium) Milton Keynes MK1 1ST

Principal Contractor: Buckingham Group Contracting
Specifier: Architect: HOK Sport Architects
Scope: Construction of football stadium and surrounding retail park. Estimated project cost £56m+
Adhesive requirements: Block supplier Lignacite were required to bond black polished granite faces to concrete blocks to provide a uniformed theme of high quality facing blocks throughout the expansive retail site. The adhesive needed to be designed for machine extrusion with an exceptionally fast cure time to enable the blocks to loaded within 30 minutes of the bonding taking place. Automated equipment was installed at Lignacite in Brandon Suffolk, which included a dual dispensing machine and a pneumatic turntable and press, as well as a long section of rollers, to deliver the finished blocks to the loading area.
S-2576E was formulated and tested by CERAM Building Technology, who approved the product for both bond strength and simulated weathering.
Project completion: Ongoing as of 10/06/2014

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